This is my new blog, Papercuts ‘n’ Cracked Spines. I will be discussing books that I’ve read, both new releases and older published books that I run across or find in the library. I will also be doing some posts about writing and editing. During my blogging I will review several self- published authors, since there are many, many talented people out there that are not traditionally published. Oh and the books will be eclectic, so no specific genre. I hope you enjoy my blog. Thanks. Angie

Angela Abderhalden is a published author. Her mystery series, The Mel Addison Mystery series, has one book out. The second is due out in e-book form this fall, print version in  the spring 2011. The first book, Questionable Ethics, is available via any book store or  The second book, Unintentional Victim will be out in November. She will also be publishing two other books in e-book form this winter. Desperate Situations is a romance set in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not Another Gold Star is a coming of age story set during WW II. See her website for more information.

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